Lo-Pro Airport Barricade 96"L x 10"H x 10"W

Lo-Pro Airport Barricade 96
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Item Number: AB96
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Detailed Description

Low Profile Airport Barricade

Our low profile barricades are made specifically for airports. They direct pilots and travelers away from hazards on the airfield as a result of airport construction or other obstacles. The low profile barricade has an interlocking system for different configurations and is FAA compliant. They are perfect for closing taxiways, airport runways, and delineating construction areas at the airport. The barricades are extra sturdy with enhanced wall thickness and molded reinforced ribs to add stiffness and strength. The connectors are molded into the barricade, so there are no pins to lose. The interconnected units are able to pivot in multiple orientations between 90 and 180. They are forklift accessible and will accept two styles of lights. All our low profile airport barricades are made in the USA.

Low Profile Airport Barricade Details:

  • Barricade measurements: 8 ft. long and 10 in. in height.
  • Barricade units interlock.
  • Barricade Weight: 25 lbs.
  • 7 angled sidewall - facilitates visibility - accepts 72"L x 6"H continuous retroreflective sheeting. Optional
  • FAA AC 150 5370 2fFAA Compliant ("Operational Safety on Airports During Construction" - FAA Advisory Circular No. 150/5370-2F).
  • Can be filled with up to 220 lbs. (26 gallons) of water - two fill holes and one drain hole.
  • The Low Pro Barricade accepts two styles of lights - 360 degree round, screw on airport lights - standard barricade, bolt on lights
    Lights Sold Separately! - View Barricade Lights
  • Barricade includes two flag mounts
    Flags Sold Separately! - View Flags
  • FOD (foreign object debris) Free.
  • Forklift access, recessed areas at bottom of barricade.
  • Barricades are stackable for transportation and storage - multiple stacking lugs keep units in place while stacked.

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