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ANSI Class Overview

ANSI stands for "American National Standards Insitute" and it coordinates U.S. private sector and voluntary standardization. The organization acts as an overseer of standards development. ANSI also accredits qualified organizations, whose standards development process meets all of ANSI’s requirements. ANSI safety standards for safety vests fall into three main categories:

Class 1 ANSI Safety Vest: This class is reserved for workers who are at lower risk at traffic speeds below 25mph or where the workers are a safe distance from the street. The vest should have a minimum of 155 square inches of reflective tape.
Vest Color: safety yellow or safety orange.
Applications: safety yellow or safety orange.

Class 2 ANSI Safety Vest: A Class 2 vest is used for workers in areas that have greater risk on roads where traffic is moving under 50 mph. The vests are larger and must have 775 inches safety back ground material and 201 square inches of reflective striping.
Vest Color: safety yellow or safety orange.
Applications: Crossing guards, survey crews

Class 3 ANSI Safety Vest: Class 3vests are used in the most dangerous traffic situations where traffic is over 50mph or in low visibility conditions like bad weather. A class 3 vest is the largest and must have at least 310 square inches of reflective striping and 1,240 inches of safety colored fabric in total.
Vest Color: safety yellow or safety orange.
Applications: Highway work zone workers, personnel in low visibility conditions

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