Hi Vis Safety Apparel and Safety Clothing

Looking for high quality safety vests and apparel at great prices? We offer a full line of wholesale safety, the best brands and some of the lowest pricing. You can find everything you need: hi vis jackets, high visibility tshirts, safety rain gear and reflective clothing of all kinds to keep your construction staff safe. Our popular safety vest with pockets and soft mesh safety vests keep your workers cool and safe. Our large selection and affordable prices will keep you coming back for all your safety vest and apparel needs.


High Visibility Safety Apparel Standards

  • Class 1 Safety Apparel are used where there is ample separation of workers from vehicle traffic and where the work scene is not complex usually where traffic speeds do not exceed 25 mph.
  • Class 2 Safety Apparel are used where work activities take place in closer proximity to traffic and where these activities may divert worker attention from approaching traffic with speeds exceeding 25 mph.
  • Class 3 Safety Apparel are used by workers who are exposed to higher vehicle speeds or reduced sight distances. The worker must be noticeable throughout body movement and must be identifiable as a person 1,280 feet away.

The two most important factors to consider when choosing the right safety apparel:

  • Optimal Visibility - Which protective clothing will provide the best visibility in the particular work conditions - daytime, nighttime, low-light - so that workers can be easily seen. Considering sight or stopping distance for oncoming traffic is important and you should consult your state guidelines for making sure that you are providing your workers with AT LEAST the minimum requirements as specifed in your particular state's code.
  • Weather Conditions - keeping an eye on upcoming weather and being prepared is important. Keeping workers comfortable while working is important. Workers wearing safety clothing that will overheat them in the summer or not keep them warm enough or dry enough in cold or wet weather can be avoided by having a broader selection of safety apparel to choose from. We carry everything from light mesh safety vests to high visibility jackets and raincoats.

There is nothing more important than your workers. At Traffic Safety Warehouse we want to make sure you have the protective clothing options you need to keep them safe and comfortable. Comfort in daytime, low-light, and nighttime conditions in a variety of work environments. Another important consideration is apparel color. The chosen color needs to contrast with the work environment so that the worker can be easily seen. The apparel helps identify the wearer as a person and allows the worker to stand out within the work zone. Another factor relative to visibility is weather. Workers and supervisors should be aware of changing weather and choose appropriate apparel so that workers are visible in both clear and rainy conditions.