Channelizers for Traffic and Construction Safety

Save on channelizers for construction and traffic control and more. Increase safety and guide traffic in construction zones and other potentially hazardous areas. Get channelizer cones for smaller work zone needs. Delineators and vertical panels offer taller options and traffic barrels and safety barricades give workers the most sturdy protection. All channelizers work great to guide traffic and protect both vehicles and workers or pedestrians and they are MUTCD compliant.

Channelizer Guidelines

There are many types of traffic channelizing devices. Below are some general guidelines for choosing the right channelizer for the right job.

  • Cone
  • Applications
  • Channelizer Cones
  • Channelizer cones are most often used to guide traffic, divide traffic lanes where two or more lanes may be open in the same direction, and also to divide traffic lanes moving in opposite directions.They are also used for a variety of other short-term maintenance and utility work for safety purposes.
  • Traffic Barrels
  • Also referred to as 'traffic drums' and 'channelizer drums'. These are most often used in construction areas with higher traffic speed to alert drivers to changes in the traffic pattern, pavement changes or sometimes used singly to mark a specific location. Due to their more formidable size, traffic barrels tend to get more attention from drivers and they are generally used in areas where they will be in place for longer periods (but not always). Drum channelizers should not be weighted with sand or water to the degree that it would make it more hazardous for motorists that might hit one. In areas that get freezing temperatures there should be a hole in the bottom so water cannot start accumulating and get frozen.
  • Vertical Panels
  • Vertical panels are also used to channel traffic, especially in areas where there is need to divide opposing lanes of traffic. Due to their more narrow size, they are sometimes used in place of barricades where space is limited. Vertical panels are usually 8" - 12" wide and must be at least 24" in height.
  • Delineators
  • Delineators are channelizers that are used to show the alignment of the road and to guide motorists on the desired vehicle path through a construction zone. They are typically used in conjunction with other traffic control devices.
  • Barricades
  • The word barricade often gets used interchangeably with barrier but OSHA makes a delineation between the two. Barricades are typically divided into 3 classes: Type I, Type II and Type III. Type I and Type II are usually used in work zones where temporary traffic control is needed. Type III barricades are reserved for road closings and may or may not extend across the entire road depending on local traffic needs.
  • Portable Barriers
  • Portable barriers are used to keep traffic from moving into a work zone area where workers are present. While they are often used to channelize traffic their main purpose is to protect workers and therefore the choice of appropriate barrier should be based on the needs of the workers in the area more than any channelizing needs.

For more detailed channelizer safety specifications:
MUTCD Online Manual: Temporary Traffic Control Devices