Flare Uses & Guidelines

Road flares are understood by everyone to be a sign for distress or to be alert for hazards. There are many ways they get used:

Flare Uses & Advantages

  • Road flares are used to channel traffic around other cars or obstacles on the road.
  • 3 flares are often used to set apart a safety zone around a potential traffic hazard.
  • Flares are used to create a safety zone for people as well, including emergency personnel and/or injured people.
  • Flares will work in any weather conditions.

Types of Road Flares and Road Alert Devices

  • Road Flare Type
  • Applications
  • Traditional Road Flares
  • Traditional road flares are self-consuming. They disintegrate after use so there is no need for anyone to risk injury trying to retrieve them. The down side is that they are only one time use devices.
  • LED Road Flares
  • These road flares are battery powered so they eliminate any danger of fire or risk from fumes. They are also more environmentally friendly and economical since they can be recharged and used again and again..

  • Reflective Triangles
  • Reflective triangles are very cost efficient because they do not require batteries but they are dependent on daylight or some other light source so suitability for is limited by lighting conditions.

  • Chemical Light Sticks
  • Light sticks are economical and they eliminate the risk of fire, but it is important to note that they are not always reliable in freezing conditions. So they should not be the only road alert tool in the arsenal for cold climate areas.

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