Movit® Portable Plastic Barricade 6' 6
Movit® Portable Plastic Barricade 6' 6" L

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Multi - Purpose Barricades 37
Multi - Purpose Barricades 37"W x 36"H

$189.00 - $249.00
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Choosing Crowd Control Products

  • Crowd Control Considerations
  • Details
  • Barrier Portability
  • Does your crowd control barrier need to be moved to different areas during the event or is it going to stay in one place? While all our crowd control solutions are very portable, some are easier to set-up and move then others. Products like Crowdstopper and linking fencing systems like Avalon barriers or Movit barriers would take a little longer to move than simple plastic a-frame barricades, Minit portable or expandable gates.
  • Type and Volume of Crowd Traffic
  • Are you expecting a light crowd where simpler crowd divider may work or do you need to completely separate a bigger crowd from traffic or staging areas. For the latter consider products that may be linked together easily or placed without spacing to form one continuous visual barrier. A-frames may not form the visual barrier you need as well as Crowdstopper, Avalon or other visually (and physically linking) crowd control products but they work great for light pedestrian traffic or as visual cues for drivers in light traffic areas.
  • Barrier Visibility
  • If your event is in an area with vehicles you will want products with higher visibility. Additionally, high visibility colors can be helpful for events that go into the evenings.

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