DeTack - Eliminates Sealant Tack 5 Gal. Pail

DeTack - Eliminates Sealant Tack 5 Gal. Pail
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Item Number: 34681-05R
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Detailed Description

DeTack Sealant Finisher

DeTack saves money, time and increases efficiency in pavement maintenance. With DeTack there is no need to wait until the sealant has cooled before opening the pavement to traffic. You can use Detack in place of sand or silly toilet paper to reduce traffic control issues, shorten lane closures and wait times. DeTack is an economical, biodegradable liquid that eliminates the surface tack on freshly applied hot pour sealants, making it driveable much more quickly. It is easy to use and requires only one person. With a quick spray of Detack the pavement is traffic ready.

DeTack comes ready to use 5 gallon (19L) plastic pails. To use, just pour Detack into a typical hand pump pressurized garden sprayer and set the sprayer pattern to a medium fan. You can apply detack to the sealant immediately after sealant is placed, or at any time after sealant is placed when surface tack is present. Usage rate of DeTack is usually about 1 gallon (3.8L) per 1000-2000 feet (305-610m) of sealed cracks. DeTack should be applied to cover the sealant surface with minimal excess of application onto the pavement surface. The use of DeTack in no way supersedes the warnings and instructions furnished with the sealant used. Be sure to follow application instructions on the product container prior to use. DeTack is a water based product and should not be exposed to freezing temperatures.


  • Applies over hot sealant
  • Eliminates tracking
  • Eliminates blotting
  • Eliminates sticking
  • Increases production
  • Decreases labor cost
  • Reduces traffic closures
  • Protects sealant integrity

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