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Choosing A Sandbag:

  • Considerations
  • Application
  • Sandbag Material
  • Some sandbags are better for more short-term applications. Burlap sandbags for instance have traditionally been used by the military and government for emergency situations like flood control. Eventually this type of bag will rot so they cannot be placed indefinitely. Woven polypropylene bags are more long lasting and will not rot. They are often designated for several years of use. However, they are not biodegradable so they must be removed when finished.
  • UV Life
  • If the bags will be exposed to sun for prolonged periods (like sandbags used for ballast for at construction sites), UV resistance is a factor because prolonged sun exposure can fade and weaken the bags. Many bags will have a UV rating for a specified number of hours.
  • Sandbag Capacity
  • Most sandbags for flood control are either 14" x 26" or 18" x 30" so that they do not get too heavy for people to move. In industrial applications, bags may have much greater capacity (as in one ton bags) but then they are required using forklifts or other machinery.
  • Sandbag Filling
  • Sandbags can be filled with sand, dirt and in some cases water. Self-inflating sandbags are one alternative to traditional sandbags that use water as ballast (see Sandbag Alternatives below) as they quickly absorb water once they are placed.

Sandbag Alternatives:

  • Type
  • Description
  • Sandless Sandbags
  • "Sandless" sand bags are super lightweight and easy to store because they are so compact. Some of our sandless sandbag products can expand up to 32 pounds when you place them in water. Just stagger multiple bags to build a wall and watch them grow as they swell with water.
  • Sandless Sandbags
  • AIRE Diversion Tubes
  • Used for flood barrier for doors, structure perimeters or as spill barriers for groundwater management projects. Quick set-up requires only one or two people and they are environmentally friendly in addition to being very quick to install
  • Aire Diversion Tubes
  • Turbidity Barriers
  • Floating Turbidity Barrier provides a restricted flow of silt laden runoff from construction sites
  • Turbidity Barriers
  • Self Inflating Sandbags
  • A smaller, burlap version of the sandless sandbags. Very easy to deploy. They absorb water when placed to create a stable barrier.
  • Self Inflating Sandbags

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