Sandless Sandbags - Case of 20

Sandless Sandbags - Case of 20
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Item Number: OILM7368
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Detailed Description

Sandless Sandbags

These "Sandless" sandbags are self activating. No need for heavy lifting and filling. Just get the bags wet and the super absorbent plymors will expand and gel with the water. Sandless sandbags work quickly, growing up to 32 seconds as water is added. The expanded bags can be used to hold, divert and control water as an effective barrier for storms and floods, burst pipes, erosion control, and many more applications. Sandless sandbags are much more efficient than traditional sandbags, saving critical time and heavy labor in flood situations. All contents are nontoxic and nonhazardous. The bags are also biodegradable so they can be left in place and will eventually decompose. To build higher retaining walls, just stagger multiple sandbags in rows. Before use, sandbags are very compact so they take up very little room for easy storing.

Sandless Sandbag Specs:

  • Sold in a Case of 20 Bags
  • Sandless Sandbag Measurements: 12" x 24"
  • Expands up to 32 lbs
  • Inquire about pallet size of 144 bags.
  • Made by Chemtex Inc.

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