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The Different Traffic Cone Colors and What They Mean

The Different Traffic Cone Colors and What They Mean

When it comes to managing the vehicle and foot traffic around construction sites and events, few things work better than a supply of traffic safety cones. However, as many soon notice, these pieces of equipment come in a series of appearances—and not just any type of cone can be used for any need. These are some of the different traffic cone colors and what they mean for drivers as well as road workers.

Orange Traffic Cones

Orange traffic cones tell everyone nearby that safety hazards are present. It’s for this reason they’re most often associated with construction sites or any project having to do with the use of heavy construction materials and equipment. Though they mean there’s no immediate danger surrounding a work zone, they do represent the potential for bodily harm.

Yellow Traffic Cones

Yellow traffic cones are placed in areas that present a slight risk but aren’t an immediate danger. They’re meant to encourage individuals to proceed with caution and be aware of their surroundings. Because of this, they’re primarily used when live utility lines are being worked on, or to encourage drivers to yield for potential construction traffic.

Lime Green Traffic Cones

Lime green cones are also important to mention when discussing the different traffic cone colors and what they mean. While their cooler color may not be a common one to see around construction sites, their brightness works well to catch driver attention. This makes them a great tool for service industries as they can block off areas where utility work is happening. They also work well for marking the entrances of events and controlling any areas that see increased pedestrian activity.

Blue Traffic Cones

Blue traffic cones are used for many purposes. Most often they are to designate handicapped-only spaces. OSHA suggests using blue cones to communicate important information that is considered non-hazardous like overhead structures and other obstacles in the road like power cables and bridges. They may also be used to keep traffic pedestrian and vehicle traffic out of unauthorized or restricted areas.

Red Traffic Cones

OSHA suggests red cones for denoting imminent danger in situations where there is the chance of serious injury or death. Red cones may also be used to mark emergency equipment, fire hydrants and restricted areas. Red traffic cones are sometimes used to help mark areas to help guide indoor machine traffic.

Pink Traffic Cones

Pink traffic cones do not carry any OSHA designation but the color does have meaning for several situations. They are meant to encourage individuals to proceed with caution and be aware of their surroundings. They are also used for parties, sporting events, corporate events, and breast cancer awareness events. They are perfect for crowd control at the breast cancer walks.

White Traffic Cones

White traffic cones are used to mark safe places. The white color stands out against the background so they are handy for designating the location of entrances - restrooms and other types of entry ways. Because the white color is a good background for displaying logos, they often get used for branding in valet parking, sports, and other sponsor display.

At Traffic Safety Warehouse, all our traffic cones are OSHA compliant. Their all-vinyl construction makes them durable and flexible to withstand the hazards associated with work zones, traffic areas and crowded events. The long lasting brilliant fluorescent colors are made to stay bright and provide high visibility protection protection in all situations so the color does not fade.


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