pi-Lit Sequential Barricade-Style Lamp - Case of 10

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Item Number: BASEQ-YE1
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Detailed Description

Sequential Barricade Lights

The Pi-Lit® sequential barricade lights provide increased safety for workers and motorists. The ‘moving’ lights help guide drivers, providing clear direction for them when approaching construction areas or other potentially hazardous road areas. The sequential barricade lights provide a safer alternative over the typical random flashing of most lights which can be confusing for drivers . The barricade lights can be mounted on traffic drums, vertical panels, or barricades. The lights ‘communicate’ with one another to form a smooth, clear lighting pattern that guides motorist safely through the work zone. Studies have shown that using sequential warning lights at the entrance of work zones reduces vehicle speed and enhances driver compliance. The better lighting pattern results in earlier merging and slowing, both of which reduce the chance of accidents. Comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Sequential 5-Button Barricades-Style Lamp. Yellow Base Color - Amber LED, Amber Lens on One Side, Back Side has Opaque Lens.

Barricade Light Details:

  • Independent front and rear control of LED Steady-On feature with push of a button
  • Ability to turn lights on and off remotely; No need to close lane to turn lights off.
  • Battery Status Check with push of a button
  • Batteries dropped in from top! (No longer have to unbolt to change batteries; Saving you time and money!)
  • All Weather-Sealed with O-Rings
  • 6-month battery life
  • (4 D-Cell Alkaline)
  • Easy user button control – lockable
  • 5 different flash patterns including our unique “Wave Pattern"; Marker function for work zone entrance; Night-only or 24 hour operation
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Case of 10 Yellow Lights

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