Wetland Sediment Filter Bags

Wetland Sediment Filter Bags
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Detailed Description

Wetland Sediment Filter Bags (De-watering Bags)

These sediment filters bags, most commonly referred to as dewater bags, are used to filter discharge water during construction projects. They are designed from a non-woven geotextile material to act as filters for sediment from the pumped discharge water at a flow rate of 55gmp/ft2 discharge hose.

Using Sediment Filter Bags

Place the bag on a bed of aggregate or straw. Insert the discharge pump hose into the spout of the filter bag and secure it well. Do not exceed initial recommended pumping rates. As pumping activity continues, the flow from the filter bag will get reduced over time depending on how much sediment is getting pumped. Do Not Overfill. The bag can burst if overfilled. After use, the top of the bag can be removed and the area leveled, mulched and seeded. Or the the bag can be loaded and disposed of (as directed by the site engineer).

Sediment Filter Bag Details:

  • 10 oz non woven geotextile bag used to filter sediment from pumped discharged water.
  • 6" discharge hose.
  • Five sizes; 5' x 6', 7 1/2' x 7 1/2', 7 1/2' x 15', 15' x 15', 15' x 30'.

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