UltraGuard 7 Channel Protector

UltraGuard 7 Channel Protector
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Detailed Description

7 Channel, Low Profile Cable Protector

The Elasco Ultra Guard 7 channel cable protector provides 1.3/8" inches in channel width and provides 18,000 lbs load bearing capcity per tire. The Ultraguard collection offers an extra low profile and push buttons attached to lid to ensure extra lid closure and cable security. Can be used on both light duty and heavy duty projects. The 7 channel protector is constructed with a solid cast polyurethane base and lid, connected by a reinforced fiberglass rod so that it won’t rust or corrode. The cable protector will hold up against natural and man-made elements and is compliant with standard safety requirements. It is easy transportation and very quick to install. The cable protector is backed by a lifetime warranty and made in the USA.

Cable Protector Details:

  • Channel: 1.3/8"W x 1.3/8"H
  • Overall: 36"L x 25"W
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Load Bearing Capacity: 18,000 lbs per tire
  • Polyurethane Product - Compared to other materials such as Rubber, Plastics, and Metals, Polyurethane offers the best product characteristics.
  • Polyurethane is not biodegradable, has stronger abrasion and corrosion resistance, higher load bearing capacity, less likely to crack, and has more customization potential in material hardness and color
  • Solid Cast Manufacturing - Offers superior physical properties to injection molding resulting in a stronger product
  • Operating Temperature - Resistant to the fiercest elements withstanding anything from blizzards to heat waves
  • Maintenance - Easily cleaned and abrasion resistant to the elements
  • Fiberglass Rod* - Reinforced fiber glass rod which will never corrode, rust, or break
  • Surface Pattern - Ultimate slip resistant pattern to minimize slips and falls
  • Connectors - Ultra strong connection points with easy & safe configuration
  • Easy Transportation* - Built in handles underneath base for easy transportation
  • Safety Colors* - Standard colors come in black base and orange lid making products easily noticeable by pedestrians and drivers
  • Configuration Options - Various products come with a variety of turns and end sets for easy and safe configuration
  • Compliant - Dully Compliant with NEC, OSHA, REACH, and RoHS

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