Ultimate Wheel Boot - Urban

Ultimate Wheel Boot - Urban
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Detailed Description

Ultimate Wheel Boot

This wheel boot is perfect for the parking enforcement industry. It is incredibly light, covers the widest range of vehicles, and it provides high security. This boot unit will generate more revenue, less headaches and make your entire operation more steamlined.

Wheel Boot Details:

  • 30% Lighter than our Ultimate high security boot
  • This boot is the best adapted for parking enforcement!
  • Does not compromise ruggedness for wider range of application
  • Unique shape fits on almost any on-street vehicle, a true one-unit solution
  • Easy to repair, available with a choice of locks, compatible with most padlocks.

Detailed specs:

  • All aluminum construction, 1 piece design
  • One unit covers every common on-street vehicle.
  • Weight: Less than 19 lbs, Installation time: 30 seconds or less.

Wheel Boot Installation:

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