Turbidity Barrier Type II - 8" Float

Turbidity Barrier Type II - 8
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Item Number: 3200-8-60
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Detailed Description

Turbidity Barrier/ Turbidity Curtain, Type 2

The Floating Turbidity Barrier (turbidity curtain) will provide a restricted flow of silt laden runoff from construction sites. Turbidity curtains are very effective in allowing silt and sediment to settle out before being carried into adjacent or adjoining waterways. This barrier is available in 5'x 50 lengths. Float is 8".

Type 2: For use in dredgin projects, DOT roadwork and construction projects, Dock repair, Demolition maintenance, Boat ramp creation, Pile driving, Shorline construction, Rip Rap installation and Remediation projects. Meets ASTM D-3776, ASATM D-751--9 (Sec 43.1.2), ASTEM D-5034, ASTM D-2261, ASTM D-751-95 (Sec. 34.2) specifications.

Turbidity Barrier Details:

  • 8" Diameter.
  • Heat Sealed Seams
  • Standard Depth: 5' depth
  • Aluminum stress plates at top and bottom corners
  • 5/16" galvanized steel ballast chain (1000lbs/100ft)
  • 5/8" polypropylene twisted rope edge reinforcement.
  • 8" x 8" x 48" EPS foam blocks providing 26.7 lbs./ft buoyancy.
  • Galvanized steel safety snap top connection.
  • Constructoin: Vinyl Laminate on 1500 Denier, 16x16 scrim
  • Weight: 22oz sq.yd
  • Adhesion: 28 lb/ 2 inches
  • Grab Tensile: 500 x 500 lb/inch
  • Toung Tear: 132 x 143lb/inch
  • Hydrostatic: 881 psi

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