The JackJaw 304

The JackJaw 304
Item Number: JJ0304
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Detailed Description

JackJaw 304

The JackJaw 304 is the easy, fast and safe way to extract square sign posts (2”-2 1/2”). The JackJaw puller will extract a sign post straight out of any surface. It is lightweight (23lbs) and is made of heavy gauge steel plate and tubing to last long. The patented jaw mechanism provides a positive grip that prevents whiplash injuries to the back and shoulder often caused by other pullers. The lever arm provides a 16 to 1 mechanical advantage. With only a 100lb force downward on the handle you generate a 1600lb upward force and a 3200lb gripping force on the post. For tilted posts, ust lean the JackJaw® to align with the post. See below for for other JackJaw products if you need more force and mechanical advantage. They are all very easy to use.

JackJaw 304 Details:

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Can be carried by one man.
  • The patented jaw system which provides big mechanical advantage can help reduce worker injuries.
  • Built with heavy gauge steel plate and tubing for long life.
  • The jaws are made from case hardened AR400 steel.
  • No paint to chip.
  • It has corrosion resistant zinc and clear chromate plating.