The JackJaw 200

The JackJaw 200
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Item Number: JJ0200
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Detailed Description

JackJaw 200

The JackJaw 200 quickly and easily pulls ¾” and 7/8” form stakes used in concrete applications, “T” fence posts, and string line stakes. This is a taller model (29” tall) and allows you to pull stakes without bending over. JackJaw stake extractors pull stakes straight up out of the ground and concrete without bending or breaking the stake or the fresh concrete, even when the stake is flush with the top of the form. The leverage created by the JackJaw 200 provides a massive 1050lbs of gripping force and a 450lb upward breakout force on the stake with only a 50lb push on the handle. Contractors can now drive the tops of stakes below the top of the form, allowing them to finish concrete work faster by screeding over the top of the forms. The low grip height of the JackJaw stake extractor allows contractors to then easily pull the stakes. This tremendous leverage advantage prevents operator back injuries.

JackJaw 200 Details:

  • Can be carried by one man.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The patented jaw system which provides big mechanical advantage can help reduce worker injuries.
  • Built with heavy gauge steel plate and tubing for long life.
  • The jaws are made from case hardened AR400 steel.
  • Post Width/Grip Range is 1.
  • No paint to chip.
  • It has corrosion resistant zinc and clear chromate plating.