Rubber Wheel Chock With Bottom Void 10"L x 8"W x 6"H

Rubber Wheel Chock With Bottom Void 10
Item Number: RC815
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Detailed Description

Rubber Wheel Chocks - Void Bottom

Get these rubber wheel chocks for 'over the road' trucks and trailers and loading dock facilities. We bring them to you at a very competitive price. They are made of durable recycled rubber which makes them long lasting and resistant to damage and their ribbed pyramid design make them extra strong. The excellent design of these wheel chocks grips both tire and road and will not cause damage to the pavement or the tire. Made in the USA.

Rubber Wheel Chock Details:

  • Highly durable rubber construction
  • Ribbed pyramid design
  • Resistant to weather elements
  •  Either side can be positioned against the tire
  • Eyebolt for ropes and chains
  • Small design makes for easy storage
  • Measuring 10" L x 8"W 6"H with Void Bottom, 9lbs.

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