Radar Speed Control Dolly RU2 500

Radar Speed Control Dolly RU2 500
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Item Number: RU2FAST500
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Detailed Description

RU2Fast Radar Speed Dolly

The ORIGINAL Speed Radar Dolly - Fast-500 radar dolly has kept school children and other pedestrians safe for more than eight years. RU2Fast speed display dollies are built in the USA using the finest materials. The Fast-500 radar dolly is built to provide you with many years of reliable service. For industrial applications like PIT traffic, the Fast-500 can reliably read down to 1 MPH. The radar signs feature a full matrix high intensity LED display with 12" characters to make it readable up to 750 feet and is appropriate for lower speeds (sub 35 MPH). In cases where that's "too much information" the Fast-500's radar sensitivity is adjustable to 5 increments. In addition to the standard flashing digit alert, several additional violator alerts are available including a "SLOW" message and our flashing Red/Blue bars which are particularly effective at night.

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More Information:

Radar Dolly Features:

  • 1" square steel tubing frame, weight 130 lbs., white polyester powder coat finish over high zinc epoxy primer
  • Single directional K-band radar unit
  • 12" Amber ALLnGaP LED display characters
  • 3/16" GE Lexan with a smoked, non-glare finish
  • Automatic intensity adjustment to ambient light conditions
  • 18" x 24" speed limit sign with digit overlays for 10 - 35MPH
  • Your choice of "Your Speed" or "School Zone" sign
  • One 35 A/hr AGM battery
  • Internal "smart" floating charger
  • Single cycle ON/OFF clock
  • Flashing Digit Violator Alert
  • Minimum Display Speed/ High Speed Cut-off
  • Unit defaults to last settings upon power up
  • Wheel lock

Radar Dolly Casework:

  • 1/8" thick welded aluminum box construction with front access to critical components.
  • White polyester powder coat paint inside and out - custom colors available.
  • All stainless steel hardware.
  • GE Lexan® shielding with a smoked, non-glare finish for easy reading even in direct sunlight.
  • 18" x 24" MUTCD R2 style "YOUR SPEED" sign with 05-35 MPH digits
  • 1" square steel tubing frame Wheel lock included.
  • Weight: 130 lbs. (incl. 35 A/hr AGM battery)

Radar Dolly Electronics:

  • K-band single directional radar unit
  • Latest generation AlInGaP high intensity LED’s 12” Full Matrix (rounded) Numeric Characters for driver’s quick recognition
  • Minimum Speed Display, High Speed Blanking & Flashing Digit Violator Alert.
  • Automatic intensity adjustment to ambient light conditions.
  • 12 VDC operation.
  • 35 A/hr AGM battery provides approx. 40 hours operation.
  • Internal "smart" charger built in Rugged On/Off switch.
  • Radar sign defaults to last settings upon power up.
  • On-board Options & Diagnostics.
  • Field Adjustable Radar sensitivity LED Operation Diagnostics.
  • LED Intensity Diagnostics.
  • MPH / KPH operation
  • Battery test
  • Includes Cable Lock for fastening to fixed object to prevent theft.
  • And more...

Radar Dolly Options:

  • Data Collection – includes “Blank Mode” for stealth data collection.
  • Violator alerts – Lower Display*
    1. “SLOW DOWN”
    2. Red-Blue Flashing Bars

*Violator alerts may be set in 1 MPH increments in any order of hierarchy or individually disabled.

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