RU2 Fast 510 SpeedBoss SZ Radar Dolly

RU2 Fast 510 SpeedBoss SZ Radar Dolly
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Item Number: RU2FAST510
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Detailed Description

RU2Fast Radar Speed Dolly

The RU2 SpeedBoss-SZ Radar Speed Dolly has a bright 12” tall LED character display for easy reading of speed in environments that require lower speeds like schools, warehouses and more. The dolly has an optional “SLOW” Violator Alert, with variable set points in 1 MPH increments, to send a distinctive and unmistakable message: “You’re Going Too Fast!”. The dolly is very portable and extremely stable. This radar speed feedback display is reliable for picking up and displaying speeds down to 1 MPH! The radar dolly is weather resistant and can handle both indoor and outdoor use. However, it is not intended for extended outdoor use.

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Details Sheet

More Information:

Speed Dolly Construction:

  • 14G tubular steel frame
  • Polyester powder coat finish over high-zinc epoxy primer
  • 5052 Aluminum display head, NEMA 3R design
  • Height 60.5" x Width 22.25” x Depth 31.5”
  • Curb Weight: 124 lbs (with Group 24 AGM battery)

Speed Dolly Casework:

  • 1" dia 14G steel tube frame
  • Polyester powder coat finish over primer
  • Curb Weight: 94 lbs
  • One Battery 12VDC group 24 deep cycle marine battery, 75 A/Hrs (7-10 days service) mounted in marine box. Charger: 6A external floating charger.

Speed Dolly Electronics:

  • Single directional K-band radar unit
  • 12” Amber AlInGaP LED Full Matrix (rounded) display characters
  • Display protected by 3/16” GE Lexan® with a smoked, non-glare finish
  • Automatic intensity adjustment to ambient light conditions
  • Weather proof On/Off switch
  • Single cycle 24 hr. ON/OFF clock – Standard
  • Directional Traffic Arrow Patterns – Standard
  • Minimum Display Speed / High Speed Cut-off – Standard
  • Unit defaults to last settings upon power up
  • School Zone sign is optional.

Additional Speed Dolly Options:

  • Data Acquisition package
  • Custom powder coat colors available
  • Violator alerts
    1. "SLOW"
    2. Red-Blue Flashing Bars


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