REDI Driver Boss DOT Package

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Item Number: REDIDOT
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Detailed Description

REDI Driver DOT/Commercial package is everything you need for all fence posts, sign posts, guide posts. REDI Driver is now offering the best priced and best performing commercial gas powered post driver package on the market!

You will receive all the pictured items; includes: REDI Driver Boss with 3 1/8" barrel,  2" Reducer Sleeve, 4" ID Magnum Barrel, 2 1/2" Exclusive Handle Extension Kit. Increase your production and your safety. Perfect for posts from t post size up to the larger u channel & guide posts. Includes sleeve for t-posts.

  • 3 Year Warranty.
  • Easiest user friendly system.
  • Weighs 35 lbs.
  • Offers 1850 BPM
  • Honda GX35 Engine 

Please be sure to review & share the following first-time user tips:

Your driver will arrive with the engine oil filled, do not add any more! When you do check the oil level, always have the driver in an upright position (do not lay it down) or you will get a false reading and overfill, which will damage your engine.

Your driver will arrive with grease in the crank; you will not need to check this for 2 or 3 months. There will be a small bottle of the EP0 grease in your box, this should last the normal user 6 months to a year; the driver uses very little grease since our piston is a highly engineered material designed for self-lubrication. Use ONLY EP 0 grease, any other type will inhibit or damage your driver.

When you operate your machine in excessively hot weather, the unit will heat up and care should be taken to always wear gloves and not allow the cast body of the driver to come into contact with your body.

When you operate your machine in cold weather please be aware that the machine should have a warm up period; put your driver in a warm place prior to use for the internal grease to warm up so it can migrate freely throughout the machine. Also, allow the engine to warm up for a few minutes before you begin driving.

Always maintain a good steady amount of equal down pressure on each handle while driving a post & Keep the driver level on the post. The weight of the machine alone is not sufficient to prevent dry fire! IN OTHER WORDS; KEEP THE DRIVER TIGHT TO THE TOP OF THE POST! Do not allow the guide tube to come into contact with the ground. Never trigger the throttle unless the driver is completely loaded and ready to hammer a post. Avoid trigger pressure whilst loading & unloading… this will cause the hammer to disengage from the dampening system, and you will notice about a 50% reduction in driving power. You will then need to slam the driver firmly down on a post to reengage the bottom hammer. It takes a good whack; do it as if you are hand driving! Learn to recognize the sound and performance of a dry fire state, correct it as soon as you notice it!

If you continually operate the driver in dry fire, your guide tube will be driven out of the classic model; or your bottom bolts will shear off on the boss model. This type of damage will not be covered under warranty.

Always transport/ secure your driver on the flat crank case side. Transporting on the brush guard side may cause engine damage when bumps or rough roads are encountered; from transfer of impact up to engine. This will show up as internal damage to the engine’s aluminum housing. We do sell a tuff box with custom insert for securing your REDI Driver & accessories.