Laddermate - Yellow Bottom Strap

Laddermate - Yellow Bottom Strap
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Detailed Description

Laddermate - Ladder Stabilizing Bottom Strap

Laddermate™ is a one of a kind ladder safety product designed to stabilize both straight and extension ladders when they are being used on a utility pole (or light pole, piling, I-beam post, etc.). When properly used, the Laddermate™ increases safety for workers by effectively eliminating the destabilizing "twisting" motion which is the most common reason for ladder-on-pole mishaps. Laddermate™ is so quick and easy to use, making other time-consuming rope lash methods obsolete.

Laddermate Details:

  • Laddermate meets OSHA requirements for ladder safety.
  • Laddermat has been independently laboratory tested for safety.
  • Made from specially woven military specification canvas material with mildew inhibitors and wear indicator thread embedded in the webbing.
  • Laddermate is reliable military specification hardware.
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