Half Dome Polycarbonite Mirror - 36"

Half Dome Polycarbonite Mirror - 36
Item Number: ONV-180-36-PC
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Detailed Description

Half Dome Mirror - Polycarbonate, 36"

Polycarbonate mirrors are virtually unbreakable and they are 20" brighter than glass. This 36 inch half dome polycarbonate mirror allows for an inclusive view in warehouses, production facilities, offices and stores. Half dome mirrors are critical in areas where forklift trucks are used. In stores they serve as great security mirrors, making blind spots visible and helping to deter theft. Made in America

Corner Dome Mirror Details:

  • 36" Heavy Duty Polycarbonate - 20% Brighter than Glass
  • Visibility Range: 180 Viewing up to 36'
  • Shape: Half Dome
  • Pressure formed
  • Mount directly to ceiling or wall
  • Cost effective with a broad viewing area
  • Shipping Dimensions: 38" x 20" x 17"
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Made in America

When selecting a half dome mirror consideration has to be given to size. The diameter of the half dome mirror determines the viewing area. One inch of a half dome mirror diameter equals one foot of viewing area a 36 diameter half dome mirror equates to a 36 viewing area.

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