Full Dome Polycarbonate Mirror - 36"

Detailed Description

Dome Mirror - Polycarbonate, 36"

The 36 inch panoramic full dome acrylic mirror provides an all-inclusive view in warehouses, production facilities and stores. Full dome mirrors are especially important in areas where forklift trucks travel within a facility. In stores they provide additional needed security making blind spots visible.

Dome Mirror Details:

  • Visibility Range: 360 Viewing upt 36'
  • Pressure formed
  • Mount directly to ceiling or wall
  • Cost effective with a broad viewing area
  • Container Size: 39" x 39" x 19"
  • Weight: 20 Lbs

When selecting a full dome mirror consideration has to be given to size. The diameter of the dome determines the viewing area. One inch of dome mirror diameter equals one foot of viewing area an 26 diameter dome mirror equates to a 26 panoramic viewing area. The full dome mirrors come with a chain installation kit.

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