Folded/Stacked Chair Tote

Folded/Stacked Chair Tote
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Item Number: 600
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Detailed Description

  • This tote moves both folded and stacked chairs.
  • A must for every office building, school or club, the tote moves and/or stores both folding or stacked chairs.
  • One push handle, one retaining handle.
  • Moves and/or stores 24 folded chairs (allowing 2" per chair) or 2 stacks of stacking chairs.
  • Load capacity: 300 lbs. Overall dimensions: 22" x 50 3/4."
  • Chair rail outside dimension: 21 5/8." Chair rail inside dimension: 13 3/8."
  • Casters: Hard rubber tread. Two full swivel, two fixed 4" diameter. Casters must be attached.