AIRE Diversion Tube

AIRE Diversion Tube
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AIRE Water Diversion Tubes

THis innovative water diversion product makes labor intensive, logictically challenging Flood control with sandbags a thing of the past. These sandbag alternatives are much easier to use and environmentally minded. They provide emergency flood control and stormwater runoff control in a much faster, easier way. Just unroll the diversion tube in the place you want to protect, fill with water from a regular hose and cap. They are longer than sandbags so they can cover a longer distance much more quickly and once filled they are heavy enough to provide a sturdy barrier to water. Once you are finished, simply uncap the diversion tube and let the water run out. The AIRE water diversion tubes are used by businesses, homeowner’s and municipalities as a flood guard or flood barrier for doors, structure perimeters or as spill barriers for groundwater management projects. The diversion tubes are superior to sandbagging, easier to use, faster to set-up and easy to store.

Each Diversion tube includes a 3/4” flange and 1.25” screw fittings for easy filling. 6" diameter when full of water. 12" inch available upon request.

Aire Water Diversion Tube Details:

  • Simple to Use: one or two person set up
  • Compact Storage: Rolls up out of the way
  • Fast Set Up: No waiting for sand or sandbags to be delivered
  • Environmentally Friendly: No sand or sandbags to haul in or away
  • Effective Flood Protection

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