2 Mil Barricade Tape 3" x 1000'

2 Mil Barricade Tape 3
Item Number: B3102
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Detailed Description

Barricade Tape

This durable barricade tape is manufactured from a 3-ply polyethylene co-extrusion process providing you with the most durable products available. Professionals in the safety, construction, utilities, hardware, and other industries use this heavy duty tape and it is available with many different messages, just choose your legend.

Barricade Tape Details:

  • 2 Mil.
  • 3" x 1000' length.
  • Available Tape Messaging:
    • Yellow "Caution" tape
    • Yellow "Caution - Do Not Enter" tape
    • Yellow "Caution Cuidado" tape
    • Red "Danger" tape
    • White, Black and Red "Danger Asbestos Hazard" tape
    • Yellow "Danger Blasting Area" tape
    • Red "Danger Do Not Enter" tape
    • Red, White and Black "Danger Lead Hazard" tape
    • Red "Peligro Danger" tape