X-Treme Duty Stanchion 45.5"H

X-Treme Duty Stanchion 45.5
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X-Treme Duty Stanchion

The X-Treme Duty Stanchion is an American-made, original M R Products design. It is strong and durable and includes a variety of features for ease of use. Equipped with a water bladder for added weight to the base, the stanchion is ideal for heavy-duty, industrial uses. The ribbed handle combined with wheels located on the base make the stanchion highly portable, empty or full. The X-Treme Duty Stanchion will easily accommodate Mr. Chain’s 2” standard, 2" Heavy Duty, or 3” Chain. Chain can either be hung in one continuous length and run through the keyhole slot or cut to specific lengths and hung from the built in c-hooks.

X-Treme Duty Stanchion includes:

  • 16" long x 3" diameter pole
  • one extension piece
  • one handle
  • one 19" x 19" x 5" high triangle shaped base with bladder
  • Assembled stanchion weighs 7 pounds or 25 pounds when bladder is filled with water
  • Overall height is 45.5"
  • Made from high density polyethylene containing UV inhibitors, fade resistant, rustproof and will not require painting.
  • Made in USA

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