Type 300 Stainless Steel Wing Clips

Type 300 Stainless Steel Wing Clips
Item Number: PMB156
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Detailed Description

PermaBand American Made wing clips/seals are designed for light gauge stainless banding between .015 to .025 thick. The PMB 101 Tensioner/cutter is typically used to tension stainless banding when wing seals are used. Typical applications with the PMB 101 and stainless wing clips/seals are sign hanging, banner / holiday decoration hanging, cable banding, pipe insulation and jacketing, and small pipe bundling. Low tension applications such as securing insulation / jacketing on pipes allow the use of the PMB 1902 tensioner.

PermaBand wing seals/clips are made in America and produced from a 300 series stainless steel. The two ears / tabs are hammered down over the folded strap end.