Type 300 Stainless Steel Strapping

Type 300 Stainless Steel Strapping
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Item Number: PMB161
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Detailed Description

All of our stainless steel raw materials are purchased from American mills as prime product with traceability back to the steel mill certification. Our mill certifications contain the metallurgical content and the physical properties. We do not use open market / secondary stainless or import stainless. We apply a full round edge to the stainless banding and adhere to rigid ASTM standards. The finish will always be shiny as originally designed. The edge will always be perfect.

300 SERIES STAINLESS Strapping is a good choice for the lighter gauges of .015 to .025 stainless banding , which is typically used with wing clip seals. The .015 thick to .025 thick stainless banding is produced from a 301-304 grade of stainless steel as originally designed. The 301-304 grades of stainless contain more nickel than 201 stainless steel allowing for slightly better corrosion protection in corrosive environments. The PMB 101 ratchet tensioner and PMB 1902 are typically used with the 300 series stainless steel. (The Crank Tite PMB 001 can be used with .015" to .025" strap and wing seals/clips). 3/4" wide. 

All Banding Boxes have a handy storage compartment for Buckle or Wing/Clip storage inside the box. The box also has a view slot for checking the amount of strapping left.