Type 201 Stainless Banding Buckles

Type 201 Stainless Banding Buckles
Item Number: PMB256
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Detailed Description

Stainless steel buckles are manufactured from American made mill direct, ASTM type 201 stainless steel. All of our stainless steel raw materials are purchased from American mills as prime product with traceability back to the steel mill certification. Our mill certifications contain the metallurgical content and the physical properties. We do not use open market / secondary stainless or import stainless . PermaBand buckles withstand the toughest, highest tension application with ease.

A single or double wrap of stainless banding can be threaded through the buckles. Stainless buckles are generally used with .030 thick banding and the PMB 001 Crank Tight Tensioner. The .030 thick stainless banding and the PMB 001 Crank Tite Tensioner will provide the highest tension levels and holding power for your demanding applications.

Type 201 stainless provides the strongest buckle strength and offers good corrosion protection. (type 316 stainless buckle are available for severe corrosion environments)

Buckles can be used for applications such as traffic signal / sign securement , hose fitting securement, utility pole applications, pipeline applications, cable and pipe bundling , water treatment systems communications product securement to towers/structures, shipbuilding, government / military applications, and the in the manufacturing / refining / processing industry. Our 201 stainless steel conforms to ASTM A240/A480 and A666. (Type 316 Stainless Buckles are available for very corrosive environments.)

(Light duty applications can be secured with the .015 to .025 thick 300 series stainless banding using stainless wing clips and the PMB 101 or PMB 1902-D tensioners.)