Safety Track Colors 60 Grit

Safety Track  Colors 60 Grit
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Track Colors 
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Safety Track Safety Tape in Assorted Colors

Safety Track Colors non-skid tape is the preferred product line when visual warning is required to mark potential slip and fall hazards. This nonslip product line was developed with maximum visual warning characteristics in mind. From Safety Yellow, Yellow/Black stripes to “Caution” and “Watch Your Step”, we provide the best assortment of visual cues to meet your requirements. Durable high traction grit surface. Aggressive adhesive system for product longevity. Fuel, water and fluid resistant. NFSI - National Flooring Safety Institute certified for “high traction”. Choose 2", 4" or 6" width.  Sold in a case of 6 rolls.

**Pre Cut Treads are sold 50 pcs/per case - Caution & Watch Your Step are 24 pcs/per case.**

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