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Roll Up Signs: Selection and Usage:

Below are some general considerations to take into account when choosing roll up signs:

  • Attribute Choices
  • Options
  • Applications
  • Roll Up Sign Materials
  • - Non-reflective Mesh
    - Non-reflective Vinyl
    - Reflective Vinyl
  • Non-reflective materials are fine for day use. Choose a reflective material if you are planning to use the signs at night too.
  • Roll Up Sign Sizes
  • Choose between 36 and 48 inches
  • The size sign you need will depend on where it is used. MUTCD guidelines denote that 36" signs are fine for streets but 48" signs should be used on highways. Additionally, if the sign legend denotes important changes to the road (like road closed, detour, bridge out etc.) 48" is the preferred size.
  • Roll Up Sign Holders/Stands
  • Choose between tripod, spring base sign stands, guard rail stands and hand held paddles.
  • Your choice of sign holder will be dependent on the sign you choose and the location where it is used. You will also want to consider the height that you need for the sign to be at.

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