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First Responder Supplies – The Essentials

When you are first on the scene of an emergency, it is important to have the best equipment handy to secure the area you need to work in and make sure it is easy for people and cars to be kept away, or at least kept back. With a proper selection of First Responder Supplies, you can easily deploy the tools you need to make your job go a lot easier.

Whether you are on a quiet highway in the middle of the night or a busy mall in broad daylight, the right first responder supplies and safety equipment will let people know where you are and how to avoid the area where you are working – whether they are not paying attention at all or want to be helpful and stay out of your way, but just are not sure what you want them to do.

Here are Traffic Safety Warehouse’s recommendations for first responder supplies that every First Responder Team should carry to ensure they can carry out their work in safe, well-lit conditions.

Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones are used all over the world to tell drivers and pedestrians where to go, and where not to go. They immediately let travellers know that they need to pay attention and follow direction. Thus, they are helpful at any emergency scene to move traffic around the area where you are working. A few well-placed cones can free up people to do more important jobs. While space is often at a premium in your vehicles, Traffic Safety Warehouse carries quality collapsible and stackable traffic cones that can quickly be deployed and collected.

Work Zone Lights

Bright Light both get the attention of people approaching the area you are working in, and give you the light you need to do your work. New LED lights give you bright light with a light fixture and less power consumption Good, bright, stable battery operated lights can be set up quickly and are stable. LED light options include Magnetic Mount and tripod mounts, and many models offer a variety of lighting options, including spotlights and flood lights. . Some of Traffic Safety Warehouse’s newer models can also be run by Smart Phone.

Make sure your emergency response team has all the equipment it needs to protect the area you are working in and can easily slow traffic around and direct it around sensitive areas. At Traffic Safety Warehouse, we regularly supply these essentials to first responders, and we are happy to discuss the best tools for your team or arrange a package for you.

LED Flares

LED flares are a huge advance over traditional incendiary road flares. Safer, Easier, and longer lasting, new LED Flares work in all conditions and will last for days before needing to be recharged. They can be placed anywhere on a road, and never fail to get a driver’s attention.
Our kits have rechargeable Flares and come in packs of 6. You no longer have to worry about hot flares that can get moved easily.

Stop & Slow Paddles and Batons

When you have to be in a high traffic area for an extended period of time and have the team members, the right tools make traffic control easy. It is not unusual to have to close a lane of traffic or move to alternating traffic while dealing with an incident. High Visibility Stop-Slow Paddles and traffic batons, including LED models are lightweight and easy to store so that they are there when you need them.

Roll out Speed Bumps

Speed bumps let drivers know they need to slow down right away. Our high visibility roll-out models store in a small portable bag but light and are ready to deploy and remove quickly when needed. Made of durable TPU, they are strong enough for use in all weather and traffic conditions If you need to run cables, ask about our Cable Armor Cable Ramps that can ensure power or water gets to a site safely.

At Traffic Safety Warehouse, we regularly work with First Responders from all over North America to supply the Traffic Contol equipment they need to do their jobs in all conditions. We supply quality, compliant products and great prices. Call us today to ensure your team is fully supplied with first responder essentials.

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