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Tips for Choosing LED Road Flares

Tips for Choosing LED Road Flares

When night falls, especially on secluded roadways, it can be close to impossible to navigate obstacles in your path, so anyone working on or near the road must have the proper equipment to make their presence known. While full-scale road construction projects often employ tall lighting systems, smaller utility vehicles and even semi-trucks don’t have such a luxury. As such, industry vehicle operators should always have LED road flares available to them—specifically, ones that provide optimal levels of light. Use these tips for choosing LED road flares to ensure you’re purchasing the best.

Prioritize Brightness and Range

The primary function of industry road flares is to illuminate the immediate area around a vehicle or structure to ensure that passing motorists know it’s there. In doing so, overall road awareness increases, and it’s a lot easier to keep the worker, as well as passing motorists, safe in those conditions. For this reason, brightness, and the range of that light, should be your number one priority when selecting your own road flares. Quality models will feature a brightness level that’s visible between half a mile and a mile away in the dark.

Consider Their Battery Life and Other Features

Noting the battery life of the flairs you buy is also a useful tip for choosing LED road flares. After all, you want to be sure that they’ll remain active for the entire duration of the job. Since some tasks can take up to several hours to perform, you’ll need to purchase products that will last longer than that. That is the best way to guarantee their reliability in the field. You may also want to consider their level of waterproofing to gauge whether they’d be useful in other conditions.

Know How to Store Them

Many smaller, rechargeable models will come with their own designated carrying case, but not all of them do. If you do need to purchase your own bag for your road flares, make sure it’s easily identifiable and protects your equipment from the elements. You want to be able to find them quickly and without trouble as you’re setting up your job.

At Traffic Safety Warehouse, we want every type of road worker to have what they need to stay safe on the job. For this reason, whether you’re a road construction worker or a utility inspector, we design our products to reduce the risk of certain road conditions you encounter. Our LED road flares, in particular, are highly visible to increase overall driver awareness and safety. They’re also rechargeable and compact, so they’re very efficient to use and store.

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