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The Importance of Barricades in Construction

The Importance of Barricades in Road Construction Zones

For those that work in road construction, using traffic barricades around the work zone is natural. However, this requirement is so standard, that many often forget why these tools are useful. Read on to learn about the importance of barricade safety in construction, and the specific roles these devices play during a project.

Marking Safe Driving Paths

One of the primary purposes of having barriers on construction sites is to better define vehicle paths. This is especially important for projects that span several lanes of traffic and require cars to take detours to get through. Since these pieces of equipment are so large, itís easier for drivers to tell where their lanes are and stay within the lines. Barriers eliminate confusion and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Extra Warning of Danger

The importance of barricade safety in construction is clear when you consider just how noticeable they are. In addition to their large size, some construction barricades feature retroreflective surfaces to ensure drivers see them. They can even include signage or lights to help warn individuals of the approaching construction zone. These features combined make them very useful for highlighting certain driving instructions or marking the beginning and end of a construction zone.

Providing a Protective Barrier

Barriers act as an extra layer of protection for road workers. When filled to the correct weight, these barricades for construction can resist the force of a low-speed collision and provide individuals with time to get out of the way. In an industry that comes into direct contact with the road and its drivers, this additional reaction time is crucial for avoiding potentially lethal injuries.

Types of Road Barricades

Water Filled Barricades

Water filled barricades are made of durable plastic and filled with water or sand. The plastic reduces the risk to motorists of serious injury in work zone areas. Their brighter color makes them more visible than traditional traffic barricades and they are more portable due to their lighter weight.

Concrete Barricades

Concrete barricades are heavy duty and extremely durable and made for military and commercial use. They are designed to control traffic and protect workers in construction zones. Due to their heavy weight and bulkiness they are less portable than their water fillled barricade counterparts so set-up and take down is longer and requires more labor.

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