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How to Select the Right Traffic Cone

Traffic cones are one of the most versatile pieces of the best safety equipment on the market. But, even so, itís common for individuals to take a single look at one and think that itís the same as any other model. The fact of the matter is that these tools are designed to cater to the safety needs of various events and situations. Thereís no guarantee that just any traffic cone will adhere to your specific regulatory requirements. This is how to select the right traffic cone for your needs and ensure that itís up to the task.

Know the Different Types of Traffic Cones

Before you can pick the best traffic cone for the job, you need to know what your options are. Fundamentally, there are two core types of cones cleared for public and legal use: solid orange cones and orange cones with a black base. The solid orange cones are available in a variety of sizes, lightweight, and are suited to mark indoor hazards or regulate pedestrian traffic at sporting events and maintenance zones. Cones with a black base, also known as construction traffic cones, are much larger and heavier and can be used on roadways.

Familiarize Yourself with Local Safety Standards

The next crucial step is to educate yourself on the legal safety requirements in your area and what they mean for the job at hand. This information is more important for those who perform road work and need to adhere to stricter safety precautions. In the U.S., the Federal Highway Administration requires that all traffic cones used on the road have a heavier black base and adhere to a designated height, reflectiveness, and stability. Most of these features depend on the state youíre in, as each region must follow their own set of roadwork guidelines.

Decide on Protection, Reflectiveness, and Height

Once you know the legal standards you must follow, you have to find the products to fit the bill. Ensuring you have reflective bands on your cone allows drivers to see them clearly in dark conditions. On busier roads and highways, youíll want something highly reflective to ensure drivers see it in time. Height and protection work similarly. Sometimes 28-inch to 36-inch cones that are heavier can be used on slow speed roads. For higher speed roadways where visibility and impact protection are more essential, it is recommended to use delineator posts or traffic barrels that are taller and have higher reflective bands.

When it comes to selecting the right traffic cones for the job, our team at Traffic Safety Warehouse is confident that we can set you up for success. We offer a wide range of different traffic cones to suit an array of events, hazards, and construction regulations. All you need to do is let us know what youíre looking for.

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