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How To Maintain Your Traffic Signs

How to Maintain Your Traffic Signs

Traffic signs, whether permanent or temporary, are designed to withstand the stress of the elements and other environmental hazards. This makes them strong, durable, and, typically, long-lasting pieces of equipment. However, even these products require some level of maintenance over the years in order to perform effectively. In fact, the signs in your own community may need it more than you think. This is how to maintain your traffic signs to ensure theyíre always legible for drivers.

Inspect Them Regularly

Firstly, make sure you regularly have traffic sign inspections for damage. From vandalism to extreme weather, there are a lot of things that can potentially diminish their condition and leave them less effective. As such, taking the time to look them over is essential to assessing any issues and ensuring the proper response.

Have Them Cleaned

If traffic signs appear dirty, have them cleaned immediately. Thick layers of dirt and grime can block the reflective material underneath. This reduces a signís ability to reflect light back at a driver and decreases their likelihood of seeing it in time. For this process, use a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft bristle brush to scrub away at the grime on the signís surface. Make sure you arenít pushing too hard since this can also damage the sheeting face.

Cut Back Intruding Vegetation

Itís also important to cut away any branches or leaves growing around the sign. They will block light and decrease the signís visibility. In fact, should the situation get bad enough, drivers might not even be able to tell thereís a sign there at all. Always come prepared with hedge cutters to remove any obscuring plant life.

Tighten Anti-Theft Fasteners

Checking the security of the anti-theft fasteners is another key part of maintaining your traffic signs. Unfortunately, itís relatively common for street signs to get stolen as part of a prank or blatant act of vandalism. Anti-theft fasteners are designed to help prevent this by protecting the signís bolts from being cut or manipulated in any way. Because of this, always tighten these fasteners during an inspection to make sure they stay in place.

Should you notice your communityís signs need an upgrade, give Traffic Safety Warehouse a call. Our specialized LED traffic signs are just as damage resistant as standard signageóbut with the added benefit of reliable, solar-powered LED lighting and tamperproof as wiring is built into sign with no exposed wires or switches. They allow you to properly illuminate key traffic areas and ensure drivers can see them, regardless of the visibility conditions.

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