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Different Types of Traffic Safety Equipment

Different Types of Traffic Safety Equipment

Now that so many places have been opening back up after the lockdown, the roads are much busier. The evening hours are beginning to get the after-work rush. With so many people excited to put the windows down and breathe in a little sense of normalcy, road traffic equipment and safety devices are more important than ever. If cities want to improve the roads during this period of traffic increase, they will need to pay extra attention to the equipment that they are using to promote road safety. Read this article to learn about the different types of road traffic equipment and safety devices.

Times When Traffic Safety Equipment is Critical

Some pools and park districts are beginning to reopen. That means these places will be more crowded than schools and concert venues. For summer, it is very unusual that large events are not open. However, it does mean less traffic. Still, traffic safety is necessary at any place where people are out in public. It is important for construction workers to remember that some of the less popular places before the lockdown have now attracted more traffic. Here are some road construction safety equipment items that will be very useful to protect construction sites and improve traffic flow.

Traffic Safety Barriers

During the lockdown, many construction projects were put on hold. Now that they have resumed, there will be many sites to block off and many roads to close. In order to block off your site and help drivers navigate around closed roads, you should consider buying the following traffic safety barrier products:

These barrier products make it easier not only to enforce standard safety procedures but also to promote social distancing. With bigger barriers on the sidewalks, pedestrians can easily notice where they cannot walk. Here are more details about barrier equipment. The legs are sold in pairs and the Barrier Boards are sold individually, so you can select the size and quantity you need for your safety area.

Type 2 Folding Barricades

These barricaes are helpful for work zones, air zones, city areas, and events. The legs are 42 inches tall by 24 inches wide. They have 8-inch panels on each side, complete with EG sheeting. The panels have ribs to reduce bending.

A-Frame Barricades

A-frame barricades warn pedestrians about closures and hazardous places. Their light weight makes storage and assembly easy and effortless. They are compatible with eight and ten-inch barrier boards that include EG sheeting. The legs are sold in sets of two.

Plastic Barricades

There are a variety of plastic barricades that are very helpful for crowd control at public events and work zones. These barricades can be ballasted with water or sand if needed. Optional reflective sheeting can be used with select barricades. Expandable plastic fences and gates are another helpful option for areas without vehicles.

Traffic Safety Cones

In addition to barriers and barricades, cones are effective for blocking off construction sites and assisting with road navigation for drivers. Because traffic cones are very bright and reflective, drivers will be able to easily see when and where to slow down and drive carefully. If you are considering buying cones, you should determine the size you need and the features that could accommodate your needs. Here are some of our cones:

28-Inch Traffic Cone HI Collars (7 or 10 pounds)

This orange road cone includes a black base. It also has a four-inch and six-inch high-intensity reflective collar. You can buy a 7-pound or 8-pound cone. If you want your cone customized, you must buy at least 12 cones to add stencils and/or logos.

28-Inch Slim Body Traffic Cone

This 28-inch cone is perfect for full-time traffic use in any type of weather. It can be used for city areas, special events, airport zones, and school zones. This cone is made from recycled black PVC and virgin orange PVC. You can buy this cone with a four or six-inch high-intensity reflective collar. If you donít want a collar, you can place a special order for a cone without it. For an additional cost, you can also add silkscreen markings and custom logos.

20-Inch Collapsible Traffic Cone with Light

This 20-inch traffic cone alerts drivers of emergencies. It is made of waterproof cloth and reflective bands. For good support, it has a durable rubber base. For nighttime visibility, you can switch on an interior battery light. The LED light requires two AA batteries.

28-Inch Collapsible Traffic Cone with Light

This traffic cone is made of the same features as the 20-Inch Collapsible Traffic Cone. It is also available as a set with a reflective storage bag that will hold up to four 28-inch pop-up safety cones.

Traffic Signs

In addition to barriers and cones, we manufacture and sell a lot of signs for traffic safety. These are very important because they prevent accidents by making drivers aware of road conditions and traffic flow. Since drivers will learn what to expect on the road, they can prepare ahead of time. The Solar LED Flashing Sign Kits are reliable, of great quality, and available in the following:

  • 30-Inch Solar Flashing Red Stop Sign
  • Fluorescent Green Solar Pedestrian Sign

Our solar signs are perfect in promoting both daytime and nighttime safety at intersections. Both the stop sign and the pedestrian sign are made of 3M reflective sheeting, stainless steel fasteners, aluminum, and an anti-graffiti overlay. They both include eight high-intensity LED light bulbs and lithium batteries. They also have completely protected wires to help prevent vandalism. The life of the LED light bulbs lasts for at least 100,000 hours.

In addition to using solar signs, construction workers should consider using sign paddles. Stop Slow Paddles are also a very helpful option to use around school zones to help children cross the road safely. They would also benefit all pedestrians during traffic light power outages.

These are just some of our traffic safety equipment items. Hopefully, this article will give you a good idea about the different types of traffic safety equipment you can buy. Thank you for giving drivers smooth and safer roads, especially during this difficult time. We hope you will enjoy our products and shop at Traffic Safety Warehouse again soon. For more information about our products, check out our brochure.

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Types of Traffic Safety Equipment

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