Ratchet Tensioner

Ratchet Tensioner
Item Number: PMB101
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Detailed Description

Ratchet Tensioner

The PMB 101 tensioner is a heavy duty ratchet banding tool that develops tension by winding the banding around a slotted windlass shaft. The tensioner is fast, reliable and has a cutter to cut the strap neatly before it is pushed down between the wing seal tabs. The ratchet tensioner also features a hammer knob to hammer down and close the wing - clip ears / tabs.

Ratchet Tensioner Details:

  • The PMB 101 tensions and cuts stainless steel strap 3/8" x .015" up to 3/4" x .025" in low to normal tension requirements with wing seals / clips. (For very high tension and .030" stainless banding and stainless buckles, use the PMB 001 Crank Tite Tensioner).
  • The PermaBand PMB 101 Tensioner is great for sign hanging applications, small enclosure box securing, cable bundling, and insulation-pipe covering securement as well as small pipe banding