RUBBERIZER® Classic™ 12 gallon Solidifier Spill Kit (1/pail)

RUBBERIZER® Classic™ 12 gallon Solidifier Spill Kit (1/pail)
Item Number: RSK12B6LBK
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Detailed Description

RUBBERIZER® Classic™ 12 gallon Solidifier Spill Kit (1/pail)

ClearTec™ Rubberizer® spill kits not only sorb liquid oil spills but solidify the oil turning it into a solid mass for waste disposal. The items can used for both land and water borne spills and come in a 6 gallon DOT/UN approved pail.

Absorbs and solidifies up to 12 gallons

Kit Includes:

  • (3) 2.25"x4' booms
  • 6lbs of Rubberizer® Solidifying Particulate
  • 6 gallon DOT/UN approved pail
  • 15lb shipping weight

Why should I pay more? Here are the reasons.

People who buy spill kits, buy them to store, then use these kits in case of emergency. Depending upon the situation in which they are stored, POLY spill kits will last no more than 1 year, and that's in perfect storage conditions. The more exposure to heat and cold, the more likely the POLY kit has begun to degrade. Once a POLY kit starts to degrade, it's useless and, more importantly, if found through inspection to be useless, it could mean fines, suspensions and potentially an immediate need to look for a new job.

RUBBERIZER® spill kits, on the other hand, do not degrade. While we recommend you change them out every three years, if stored in conditions where the temperature stays below 80 degrees, a RUBBERIZER® spill kit will pretty much last for 10 years. However, conditions of storage are rarely ever ideal, so we recommend a quick inspection of our product every year. Unlike POLY, If RUBBERIZER® has been exposed consistently to temps between 80 and 95 degrees, all you have to do is take the booms and the particulate and break up. That will restore it. If you keeping any spill kit at 100 degrees or hotter, you really need to reconsider your storage situation. POLY products, in 100 degrees or more heat, will disintegrate in a few days - In direct sunlight, a few hours. RUBBERIZER® will not disintegrate, however, it's effectiveness will be extremely compromised.

In the cold. Well, if you talk to any oil man in Alaska, he will tell you POLY completely falls apart in cold temperatures (freezing and under). RUBBERIZER® will continue to perform. However, the colder it is, the slower RUBBERIZER® adsorbs…. But it will work until it adzorbs to the core. You just have to be a little patient is all.

Here's a few more facts to consider:

Once you apply RUBBERIZER® products to a spill and complete the clean-up, the hazmat condition ends. Through a physical reaction, RUBBERIZER® turns oil/gas/grease inert and non-toxic. We have been blessed by the Federal EPA to be thrown away in a Class D Landfill or be incinerated to create energy. So what this means is that there is no hazmat storage, no hazmat tracking, no hazmat shipping….. You don't even have to throw RUBBERIZER® in a hazmat barrel during clean-up.

Basically all Poly products do is move the problem from point A to Container B. RUBBERIZER® eliminates the problem.

There's consistency the manufacturing process. All of products are made in the USA. With the introduction of Chinese Poly products, there is no way to be assured of quality in manufacturing. You really have no idea how effective it will be or how long the Poly products will last.

Finally, for those clients of yours who are continuously dealing with spills, or dirty water, RUBBERIZER® eliminates State and EPA fines, eliminates being put on an EPA watch list and can help build or restore the legacy of being a "green" environmentally friendly company because they are using a product that reduces a dangerous, hazardous material to an inert and non-toixc substance.