Pro-B-LITE Rchargeable Sequential Barricade Light

Pro-B-LITE Rchargeable Sequential Barricade Light
Item Number: PRO-B
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Detailed Description

The Pro-B-LITE fits easily in the trunk of most vehicles and trickle charges via 12V outlet to ensure continuous availability for rapid deployment in an emergency. Lights drop into the ProBase 5 charging tray (supplied) and make charge contact automatically.

Independently tested and proven to improve nighttime temporary work zone and incident safety. Pro-B LITE improves lane discipline and reduces average speed on approach to closed off zones by providing better driver recognition of the upcoming merging taper.

The Pro-B-LITE 5 pack rechargeable light kits are available in amber, blue, or red and are always ready for easy quick deployment.

What makes the Pro-B-LITE series unique among flashing warning lights is the special intelligent wireless sequential operation of the lights forming a clear directional path for traffic during lane closures. Each lamp automatically recognizes its position in the deployed chain with no master - slave relationship. Proven to improve driver recognition of the merging taper the Pro-B-LITE helps insure the safety of drivers and workers alike

  • Unique independently field-proven technology
  • Intelligent wireless technology - no wires
  • Deploys in any order - no master or slave 
  • Dynamic directional taper guide for drivers
  • Reliable alternative to flares
  • ITE, VCA, and NCHRP-350 crash compliant
  • 5 light rechargeable kit always ready for quick deployment
  • 3 kits (15 lights) can be deployed for larger lane closures
  • FHWA MUTCD 6.F.13 compliant
  • Available with amber, red , or blue lens.