Curbo Concrete Parking Curbs 6' Long
Curbo Concrete Parking Curbs 6' Long


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Choosing Parking Blocks

Comparison of Rubber, Plastic and Concrete Blocks

  • Type
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Rubber Parking Blocks
    • Lightweight, easier to move and handle.
    • Available in different UV resistant colors
    • Not affected by salt or ice melting products
    • Eco Friendly (rubber is recycled)
    • Lowest price of the three alternatives.
    • More resistant to extreme temperatures
    • Most durable of three types and require least maintenance.
    • Possible for them to be moved if bumped repeatedly by heavier vehicles
  • Plastic Parking Blocks
    • Available in different colors which are UV resistant
    • Lightweight and easy to move and handle
    • Will not fade, chip or crack
    • Not affected by salt and ice melting chemicals
    • Eco friendly
    • Lighter weight can cause them to be moved more easily when bumped repeatedly by heavier vehicles
    • They can sometimes change shape or 'bow' over time when exposed to extremely high temperatures.
    • Often higher priced than concrete version
  • Concrete Parking Blocks
    • Comes in several sizes
    • Stay in place well due to their heavy weight
    • May come with or without drains
    • Availabe with notches for forklifts
    • Heavy and more difficult to install.
    • Can be damaged by salt and ice melting products
    • If color needed, they must be painted and repainted for maintenance
    • Higher unit price

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