Marine Post - Stainless Steel Post

Marine Post - Stainless Steel Post
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Detailed Description

Our exclusive Marine application post utilizes a stainless steel post and hardware which is then painted with a super durable powder coat finish allowing for superior gloss, color retention and good storage stability.

Weather-resistant and designed for use in many outdoor setting including: 

  • Cruise ships and ports
  • Playgrounds
  • Amusement Parks 
  • Agricultural 
  • Construction Sites 
  • Beach Resorts

Features and benefits

  • Best product in the market to combat harsh environmental conditions, while maintaining an attractive aesthetic 
  • All stainless steel hardware 
  • Excellent weather resistance 
  • Superior chalking resistance
  • Good storage stability
  • Post finishes: Black and White 
  • Belt color: Black, Blue, Dark Blue & Navy Blue
Measuring 39" H x 3" D.