HP High Performance Asphalt Repair - 50lb. bag

HP High Performance Asphalt Repair - 50lb. bag
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Detailed Description

Whether it is repairing utility cuts or patching that reoccurring pothole, HP high performance cold patch is rapidly becoming the material of choice. HP is approved as a high performance patching material in most states and other user agencies within the United States. HP is specifically formulated for the wide-ranging temperature and climate of your area. HP is permanent, fully guaranteed against any failure, and most important, does the job right the first time. 60 Bags per pallet.

  • Works in all weather conditions; wet, cold or hot
  • Approved, used and tested by utilities and states nationwide
  • Easy to use bags prevent waste and saves money
  • No mixing, mechanical compaction or tacking
  • Cost effective with no messy clean-up or time constraints
  • Permanently adheres to asphalt, concrete or steel
  • Perfect for bridge, drain, utility cuts and cutter work
  • Patch will not release, eliminates milling before re-paving
  • Use at any temperature, or in any weather condition
  • Open to traffic immediately - no raveling or rutting
  • No heating, mixing or tacking required
  • Permanent, no milling or patch release - ever
  • Remains pliable from at below freezing temperatures
  • Adheres to concrete, steel and asphalt in wet and bitter cold, snow or summer heat

Additional Specs 

HP High Performance Pavement Repair is specifically engineered to remain somewhat pliable following application. This allows our product to eliminate small voids and crevices through continual compaction. Should you require faster set up times, a light sprinkling of Portland cement or mortar dust prior to compaction will help to speed the curing process


Crafco HP Asphalt Cold Patch is a black, cold applied, single component pavement patching material for repairing potholes, asphalt spalls, cracks and other pavement voids and distresses over 1 ˝ inches wide. It can be used to repair roads, driveways and walkways. HP Asphalt Cold Patch is specially formulated to be used in most weather conditions and to adhere in cold and damp pavements. No mixing, heating or special application equipment is required. HP Asphalt Cold Patch develops its strength after compaction by tampers, vehicle tires or traffic, thus making the patching material suitable for use in “throw and go” repair situations. HP Asphalt cold patch is supplied in two grades. The L grade is an easier flowing material for applications when the weather is cooler. The M grade is for applications when the weather is warmer.


It is recommended that the repair area be swept clean of all debris and blown out before Application. Apply HP Asphalt Cold Patch to a height of ˝ inch above the area surrounding the hole to be repaired. Do not apply less than 1 inch of material. Deep areas can be filled by adding material after compaction to build thickness, using 1-2 inch material lifts. Compact the material to a level surface with a tamper or vehicle tire. The repair area can be opened to traffic as soon as the compaction is complete. Initial surface tack can be reduced with a light sprinkle application of Portland Cement or calcium carbonate over the compacted surface.


Packaging consists of individual 50 pound plastic bags which are palletized into shipping units. Each pallet contains 60 bags. Palletized units are protected from the weather using a three mil thick plastic bag, a weather and moisture resistant cap sheet and a minimum of two layers of six month u.v. protected stretch wrap. Pallets are labeled with the product part number, lot number and net weight. Application Instructions are provided on the bag.


CRAFCO, Inc. warrants that CRAFCO products meet applicable specifications at time of shipment. Techniques used for the preparation of the areas to be repaired are beyond our control as are the use and application of the product; therefore, Crafco shall not be responsible for improperly applied or misused product. Remedies against Crafco, Inc., as agreed to by Crafco, are limited to replacing nonconforming product or refund (full or partial) of purchase price from Crafco, Inc. All claims for breach of this warranty must be made within three (3) months of the dated of use or twelve (12) months from the date of delivery by Crafco, Inc. whichever is earlier. There shall be no other warranties expressed or implied. For optimum performance, follow Crafco recommendations for product installation.


Warning: This product can expose you to asphalt, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov