Glo Brite Eco Exit Signs (PM100)

Glo Brite Eco Exit Signs (PM100)
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Detailed Description

Glo Brite Eco Exit Sign

Leading the industry in zero-energy egress systems, Glo Brite Eco Exit signs utilize the latest photoluminescent technology to absorb and store ambient light. In the event of an emergency with blackout or smoky conditions this stored energy is immediately visible, creating a clearly recognizable, photoluminescent egress indicator. These innovative emergency egress signs reduce the risk of panic or injury during an evacuation, offering peace of mind while eliminating energy costs. Plastic molded sign, good for outdoors. Mounting bracket and hardware included.

Exit Sign Details:

  • Mounting options for Wall, Ceiling, Flag or Conduit Stub.
  • 100’ viewing distance / 1 for 1 electrical sign replacement.
  • No electrical to run or battery backup.
  • Standard bracket options for easy mounting.
  • Zero energy consumption, zero maintenance, no disposal cost!
  • Life Expectancy 25+ Years.

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