Flex-Safe Barricade 84" Wide

Flex-Safe Barricade 84
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Item Number: FS-BN1
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Detailed Description

Flex-Safe® Barricade (84")

The Flex-Safe® Barricade is designed to improve hazard scene safety, traffic safety and pedestrian safety. The barricade combines high strength and light weight materials with state of the art design. Flex-Safe® Barricades offer a professional solution for perimeter control and pedestrian traffic management. The unique design allows it to expand quickly. Within a few seconds, you can open the Flex-Safe® Barricade and expand it to close a lane of traffic to vehicular traffic or to close a sidewalk or entrance way to pedestrian traffic.

Flex-Safe® Barricade Details:

  • Reflective High Visibility Color: High visibility provides the general public with clear and forceful direction. The striping on the mesh banner of the barricades is highly reflective.
  • Seamless protection: Quick modular protection, in any configuration, instantly and effortlessly. Quickly set up a few barricades for a worksite or string several and cordon off virtually any space.
  • Easy to use: The unique X-Brace design unfolds instantly to create the most versatile and complete pedestrian management system available anywhere.
  • Nestability: After each use, the system folds down to surprisingly compact unit which is easy to store and stack.
  • Portability: The Flex-Safe® Barricade is very portable. It can easily be transported in most vehicles and set up by one person in 30 seconds. When closed, The Flex-Safe Barricade can be stored in the trunk of many personal vehicles (POV's), in the side compartment of many fire engines and ambulances, or in the back on SUv's and Pick-up Trucks.
  • 7' Long, Weight – 12 lbs.
  • 38”H x 38”W x 7.4” (Open)
  • 48”H x 6”W x 8” (Closed)
  • NCHRP-350 Crash Tested & Approved (USDOT Safety Standard for Work Zone/Roadside Use).

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