Disposable Knee Pads Case of 36 Pairs

Disposable Knee Pads Case of 36 Pairs
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Detailed Description

SOFT KNEES® Disposable Knee Pads were designed for use with disposable coveralls, such as Tyvek®. Simply peel the backing off the knee pad and stick on to the garment. Knee pads can be used several times or thrown away with the disposable garment when finished.

Used by: •Nuclear Power Plants •Waste Burning Power Plants •Hazardous Waste Disposal Crews •Clean Rooms •Workers Wearing and Working Disposable Protective Coveralls •Less soft tissue injury •Increases time on the job •Worn inside or outside the garment •Protects workers knees in rough working conditions •Prevents contaminates from penetrating to the skin •Ensures integrity of protective garments.

Sold in Cases of 36 pairs.