Deluxe Recycled Plastic Speed Bump w/Concrete Hardware

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Item Number: SBD-72
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Deluxe Recycled Plastic Speed Bump w/Concrete Hardware. Help control drivers in dangerous areas while protecting people and property. One person installation. Holds up under truck and semi-trailer traffic. Can be removed for seal coating, snow removal, or change of location. Resists marring by oil, road salt, sunlight and chemicals. Unlike lumber, it does not leach out polluting chemicals. Resists rotting, termite damage and corrosion. No costly painting or maintenance. The concrete hardware kit includes bolts, anchors and washers. Measures 72" x 12" x 2-1/4" and weighs 40lbs. Number of mounting holes = 4.  Features dual 1" x 3/4" cable channels.