Corner Guards - Round

Corner Guards - Round
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Detailed Description

Knuffi® warning and protective bumper guards act as a buffer zone for people, machines, and objects; absorbing hard impacts and preventing injury and damage. Injury to personnel and downtime due to repairs can be a thing of the past. The black and yellow warning markings help to reduce accidents and highlight danger at edges, gaps and obstacles.

Knuffi® performs well in temperatures from -40°F to +212°F (-40°C to 100°C) making them versatile for use both indoors and outdoors, I.e., high traffic areas, hallways, corridors, machinery, forklifts, shelves, gates, and much more.

Standard Lengths: 3’ 3-1/4” (1m), 16’ 4-3/4” (5m) and up to 164’-0” (50m).